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UNCONFIDENT Hercules City Manager David Biggs, who abuses his position, being moral Turpitude, embezzling money out of Orbison's submittals and invited this lawsuit. Total tennis court damages "$800K" and Punitive damages as Individual Defendant to Orbison and Orbison's business and her son: $5M.

© 2013 Copyright.  Hercules Parks-N-Community Tennis Foundation.  “Requiem for Eucalyptus” “Music for the Tree Huggers.”  Youtube edited to promote tennis courts safety and the environment. By Pil Lee Orbison.  All Rights Reserved.

Riveting design concept with geotech tennis court under layers for Berkeley Rose Garden in the landslide and earthquake zone.  

       Paul Ferro, Vice      


Architect, AIA at www.Form4Inc.com*,

UC Berkeley Alum. US Professional Tennis Association.

Construction Manager and will generate

a professional architectural Rendering/CAD for grant application purposes and for our archives.

--Will coordinate with his two other primary partners, Bob Giannini*and John Marx* as needed.

*Specializes in Athletic facility, 

     Live-Work Commercial, Residential,            

     Educational, Churches, Civil, and        

     Performing Art Center.  Recently, won the    

     MPIM Design Award for the Real Estate in

     the category of Office Building Design at

     CANNE, France Final Competition.

*References:  Founders taught at the Dept. of Architecture at UC Berkeley and won many awards.

John Marx is the lead Architect for developing project under our partnership.

Martyn Collins, Treasurer

  •  Avid Tennis Player. 
  • Actively involved in this community to make a difference to youth education, politics, art and music.
  • Studied Intellectual Property, Art Law, Contracts, Music and Film Law at Pepperdine University

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banging noise to the neighbors on the hills.

TEAR Down Tennis Backboard amplifying noise &

Damages to adjacent tennis courts.  Lawsuit ConsequentialDamages OVER "$500K" incurred by Defendant City Manager David C. Biggs, City Attorney John Patrick Tang/Jarvis Fay Doporto LLP, AND DAN ROMERO AND MYRNA DE VERA, MISUSE Of Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (UPCCAA) at Hercules Council Meeting on June 28, 2016 (UPCCAA never adopted, fabricated Minutes posted at Dec 05, 2015 Hercules Council Meeting.)

Concerti Grossi Opus 6, 1-12, by Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759)


Coffee Mug for the righty and lefty (picture is one sided) with

an image of the Berkeley Rose Garden & four and 1/2 tennis courts or amphitheatre.  Microwave oven safe.

L-R:  Front & Back (initial layouts of the Rose Garden on the lower park and 4 1/2 Tennis Courts on the upper park, respectively.

Anatomy of the design scheme: 

light weight, porous, interlocking installation for the modular block retaining wall and steps suggested for the Berkeley Rose Garden and Tennis Courts in the earthquake and landslide zone, per its confirmation by geotechnical and structural engineers after the soil/landslides studies.



Parks, Rec and Waterfront Committee Meeting, Oct 08, 2014>

Note:  Please check back on us for a new website for the Slideshow, Conceptual Design, Rendering presented at the last meeting. 

Committees: Will look into how to proceed with  

our proposal to be part of their Capital Improvement Project on the Berkeley Rose Garden.  

Nonprofit: Proposed the project be done based on the priority as is in the meeting agenda. 

We will look into consulting with contractors to get a rough estimate for a budgeting purpose.

--In progress with site architect, landscape architect, geotech Consultant Mr. Alan Kropp and his structural/civil engineers of Berkeley, as of Nov 11, 2014.

As of Jan 15, 2014, primary designers' and engineers' proposals are in place for the City to be approved as the Council Meetings resume.  Testing on the landslides in the earthquake zone is pending  per approval, architect Paul Ferro will be site architect/construction administrator for the entire Berkeley Rose Garden Project, including the four and 1/2 tennis courts Maybeck designed 81 years ago.  113 patented varieties  with name tags will be attended by caretaker/company during the construction phase.--No archives on these names were found yet.

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ASlide ShowHercules Facility Renovation Project,

initiated as of Oct 01, 2012 by this firm.--Total Renovation Budget,

eight courts in three parks: "$770,880," estimated in 2013 with the IRS Nonprofit Application Form 1023 authorized by the former City Manager

Steve Duran. City secured $2 million out of 2015 Tax Measures to repair

delayed maintenance items and Public Records Act Compliance are


Latest info "Mid-year Budget FY2018-19," Manager/Defendant proposed undisclosed items/grants/undisclosed embezzled money "$3,388,099,"

proposed at Hercules City Council Meeting on March 13,2018/No Quorum

existed, Council Ronald Esquivias absent.

(Appellate Case A151912 fully briefed Orbison's final Brief, Reply Brief and City Defendants' Answer on August 10, 2018, including additional submittals to show the evidence of the City Defendants and representing Defense Lawyer and John Patrick Tang's scheme to delay the legal issue and refused to settle the case. Next scheduled action is Actual Oral Argument before the five Justices.

Case A151912/Contra Costa Superior Court MSC16-00638 ("Vacated Orders due to errors, as of Feb 08, 2017," per Superior Court Judge, Register of Action, copied February 28, 2018, after it was appealed on July 07, 2017.)

ALSO DAVID BIGGS' MENTALLY OBSESSIVE BEHAVIOR TO TAKE OVER ORBISON'S PROJECT RESULTED IN damaged two tennis courts ($800K in damage) in his effort of converting Orbison's tennis court and restroom design drawings and its budgets in his possession and violated the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (UPCCAA*).

State's and IRS' Amended Dissolution Clause, Section 2C, of the Amended Articles of Incorporation, dated Dec 31, 2013, from the Article of Incorporation, dated July 18, 2013, and the Certificate of Filing, dated Sept 21, 2013, issued by the Secretary of State are attached for the ownership claim purposes ratified by the Certificates of the Copyrighted Registrations:  

1.  Amended Version/SOS/IRS:


2.  Submittals: generic version Article of Incorporation, dated Jul 18, 2013, Certificate of Filing, dated Sept 21, 2013, along with miscellaneous submittals including the architectural drawings for new facility addition and retaining wall designs, dated 2012-2013, City-sanctioned nonprofit Application and the Business Proposal, dated Sept 30, 2013, to the City of Hercules Park Director Pedro Jimenez for the Community Service and Library Committees (CSLC) meeting of Oct 14, 2013 are copyrighted:  https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/2a2cecb8-5d00-4b32-8dee-8ec48cab081a

Handel and Scarlatti Harpsichord Suites, played on piano version, played by Murray Perahia. 

Berkeley Rose  Garden   

  &   Tennis Courts

    1200-1300 Euclid Ave, Berkeley, Ca 94708

    for Multi-Activities (tennis, wedding ceremony, tourists, gardening,      

                                                   artists, musicians, students' lunch break, star gazers.)


Lower garden, 1/3 of amphitheater. 

Area: appr. 1/2 of the main park space. (Photo: City of Berkeley)

Copyright Registration Certificates under the seal of the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress,

dated 2013-2016, with Title 17, United States Code. 

Copyright Claimant Pil Lee Orbison, © 2013-2017 (including the materials dated in 2012), pertaining to the Hercules Parks-N-Community Tennis Foundation, the Hercules Community Tennis Foundation, and the Bay Area Diversified Tennis Foundation™, including but not limited to all submittals dated from Sept 2012 till current date

  • 4:08
  • 01. Carmina Burana - FORTUNA IMPERATRIX MUNDI4:44

Berkeley Rose Garden / Tennis Courts (4 1/2), 1933 Vs. 2009.

(L-R/T-B; www.sfgate.com, extended Maybeck's "Rose Walk" tour at Rose Street to Berkeley Rose Garden nearby; www.OneColoraDay.com; www.Toc.Reilley.com; www.BAHA.org (Archive, Berkeley

Architectural Heritage Association)

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No Tree Sitters, Please:  There was no other landscape plan other than the current Maybeck's amphitheatre to be implemented in the original plan.

In addition, these root systems damaged one of the drainage pipes in the past and have been very invasive damaging the tennis courts surfaces and paths.  

(Estimate cost of resurfacing one tennis court:  $10,000-$15,000.)

​This requires a special engineering with geotechnical support and and resurfacing after relocating the underground drainage pipes.   

(Currently four Cedars, three Sequoia trees, Palm and Acacia trees are growing next to the tennis courts on the upper terrace and the ramp off the Euclid Ave, and we're proposing these to be removed and replace with less-invasive, like climbing roses and small shrubs.

And it will need to be widened up to 14 feet on the ramp for  trucks and and to make the tunnel road accessible for the handicap with new lighting design.

Architect Bernard Maybeck's Original Sketch/Layout of the Municipal Berkeley Rose Garden prior to its actual construction work: 4 1/2 tennis courts at the upper terrace, and a garden and a swimming pool-to-be at the lower terrace.  The drainage pipes run from Codornices Park on the east Euclid Avenue to the base of the main Rose Garden.  No Cedar or Sequoia trees were in the original plan. 

​​Courtesies: painting by Urban Sketcher

Andie Thrams, wedding scene by Schoenfeldt

Upper garden, 4 1/2 tennis courts Area: appr. 1/2 of the main park space (Photo: www.decaseconds.com)

Name endowment fund/donations are available --See our CPA/attorney's services offered thru our nonprofit programs.

Press Release  (Chronological Order

of the events): RPF Scheduled  for  Possible  Issuance  After  Council  Approval  on  October  16,  2018. Approve  the  request  for  proposals  or  invitation  for  bids  will  be  returned  to  Council  for  final  approval.  $16,487,630

1. At April 24, 2018 Berkeley City Council Meeting, RPF $750K was approved subject to finalizing for Community Development and Housing Projects for FY2018-2020. This brings a total budget for Infrastructure budget of "$6M." 

All contracts over the City Manager’s threshold will be returned to Council for final approval.  
2.  At Continued Nov  07, 2017 Berkeley City Council a total bond "$140.25M" of which "$5.25M" was approved for Community Nonprofit Agencies for FY2018-2020 Capital Improvement Project, including Parks and Rec Infrastructure and City Facilities.Orbison requested to include the 1-acre under-developed lot with ADA compliance and part of the amphitheatre as a whole with increased budget of "$6M."

2. At Oct 31, 2017 Berkeley City Council approved $5M RFP (Request for Proposal) for Economic Development Agencies for FY2018.

As November 2016 Ballot Measure, City of Berkeley secured $100M" for Infrastructures including Parks." Pil Orbison's Supplemental & Reports and Requests for additional Bond and Set Back Requirement for the properties adjacent to the Berkeley Rose Garden and Tennis Courts.

2. Jan 19, 2016, Our Presentation with a joint partnership with UC Berkeley Civil and Env. Engineering lead Dr. Shakhizod Takhirov*1: "Giving Presentation in Public Pre-Requisite to the Funding Request prior to the next funding cycle FY2016-2017": Reintroduced our previous architectural and administrative service presentation materials for a Partnership Agreement with Pre-Discretionary Funding $250K and our Right to bring Matching Grants on the existing project.*2   

5-1*.  Dr. Shakhzod Takhirov, Ph.D., PE, an    

         earthquake/structural engineering and

         Landslide engineering expert.

         Web: http://peera.berkeley.edu/~takhirov/

5-2*.  Our budget $6 million ($3M matching grant.) 

6.  Potential Internship programs for grad-undergrad students and field trips for children in conjunction with the above item #5 & #5-1.

*New damages to Refugio tennis courts due to faulty design and bidding practice by Hercules City Manager David C. Biggs and applied grants out of Orbison's nonprofit submittals under the fake name "Kris Valstad," Mayor of Hercules in 2008 ("$805,072, April 12, 2016 Minutes XII.2). Total damage/embezzled grants: $2,250,950 + $805,072 ( appr. "$3,388,899, Feb 27, 2018 Hercules City Council Agenda/Minutes.)  

On October 05, 2018, Orbison filed Appeal and Stay the Order entered on September 25, 2018 that was made without Soriano servicng Orbison her Exhibits.  City Manager David Cary Biggs conceled three Finance Committee Meetings Orbison could not serve her in person, where Judy Yamamoto Soriano is serving as volunteering "FInance Chair" under her concealed ID name "Judy Y."  Soriano never served her Exhibits with serious allegations to prevent Orbison from using "tennis courts and restaurants."  Orbison filed Exhibits with DVD to show Soriano's behaviors committing perjury and criminally-undermined.   August 05, 2018, Supreme Court Case, #S247960 (Soriano V.  Orbison) advised Orbison that this Petition for Review can be refiled for Review by the Supreme Court of California.  THIS INCLUDES ORBISON PETITION TO VACATE THE  "10-foot Stay Away Order from City Meetings" and "100 yards from the Protected person," because it intended to take over Orbison's invested business nonprofit tennis corporation. --Last updated Oct 10, 2018 by Pil Orbison.

(Berkeley Rose Garden, c. 1930s)

Poster (Dimension: 26.6 Cm x 43.9 Cm 

(10.5" x 17.3"),  matte or glossy finish.

Please Donate to SAVE This landmark!

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 Renovation Campaign Products*

1: Hat with the Berkeley Rose Garden and tennis court sketch/layout, c. 1930s: $30

#2: Mouse Pad with a picture of the original Rose Garden, c 1930s:  $30

#3: IPhone case (5s):  $15

#4: T-shirt (Pictures:  front & back):  $30

#5: Coffee Mug, righty or lefty (Microwave oven safe):  $15

#6:  Poster of the Berkeley Rose Garden, dimension 28.6 Cm x 43.9 Cm, glossy or matte:  $25

*These can also be custom-made with an inscription based on your request, and the cost will be extra $5 for each.  All items will be numbered.  All proceeds will be donated to the Rose Garden and Tennis Court Renovation Trust Fund.

Steve Costello, CPA/nonprofit Tax Lawyer, Dublin, Ca, (925) 828-2914.

Consultant for our nonprofit tax law and business matters.*

  • CPA, nonprofit and Tax Law.
  • ​Trust, Will & Name Endowment draft.
  • Real Estate/Business Law.
  • Sports and Entertaininment Law
  • Asset Protection Law.​
​​​HERCULES Project
"In Honor of Hercules  
City Economic Development Subcommittee
and Mayor Sherry MCCOY-the Cal Bears
Leadership Project since 2014"

Item #6

​Item #3

Item #2

As the grand master of architecture of the 20th

century and Professor of the Dept. of Architecture at UC Berkeley, Bernard Maybeck was known to have influenced the City's non-tennis-playing Landscape Architect Vernon M. Dean on the initial design phase of the Berkeley Municipal Rose Garden with a riveting design of four full courts and a half-court assigned to a practice/drills area overlooking the amphitheater. c. 1933-1937.

Historical landmark Berkeley Municipal Rose Garden, c. 1998, of 113 patented varieties and a total 3,500 roses and 4 1/2 tennis courts, c. 1934, at 1200 Euclid Ave, Berkeley, CA, reminiscent of an Italian amphitheater overlooking the SF Bay views became a wedding planner's delight.

Updated: May 27, 2018, by Pil Orbison

Our US Tennis Association Organizational "Tennis-In-the-Parks" membership is authorized by IRS to offer tennis education for Juniors under tax deductible tuition fees, per the Government TAX CODES Section 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi) under the Tax Exemption Section 501 ( c )3, and it is effective as of July 18, 2013.

 We will need to raise $50K

(Picture:  Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association www.BAHA.org/Archives)  

Item #4

​(front & back)


      We appreciate any and all donations, 
      and they are tax deductible defined 
      by the IRS under the Section 501( c )3.*

I.  Personal Check, payable to: 

     Bay Area Diversified Tennis Foundation  

     and mail to: 

     a.  (for City of Hercules project);

           1511 Sycamore Ave., #M-325,

            Hercules, Ca  94547

       b.  (Berkeley Rose Garden Project): 

             1791 Solano Ave, #D06, Berkeley,

             Ca  94707

II.   Pay Pal or credit card transaction by    

     clicking on the "Donate"  link above. *b

          *b Donor's and Member's Privacy Policy      

               apply.--See below. 

Objectives: To save tax payers' money under tax deductible donations and/or matching grants.

I. Berkeley Rose Garden and Tennis Court Improvement Project:  Presentation Oct 08, 2014 (Outstanding Invoice from June-Oct 08, 2014:  $48,547.94 (=$12,547.94, Architect; $36,000, Administrative duties and Research & Presentation.)

II.  Budget for Design and Construction:  $6M (including the undeveloped south-west side of the Park)

a. Survey, Geotech landslide initial study and Report  

                  (takes for three months):  $68,620

b.  UC Berkeley Civil, Env Engineering, Earthquake     

        Engineering Research, and Lab for earthquake    

        Engineering, led by Dr. Shakhzod Takhirov:  $50K

c.  Architect's service* including Schematic Design,  

        Construction Management, Design  Reviews & 

        Public Meetings and Archiving in CAD$79,734.95,  d.  Project Administrative Service: $92,000      

       ($56,000/annual salary; $36,000- Presentation,  

       Research and Admin. Service, per project.
e.  Landscape Architect's ADA Compliance

       Work/Drawing: appr. $350,000-$450,000;

      (Initial proposal with Conceptual and Schematic  

      Designs, Design Review & meetings: $132,000*)

     *This position is open to doing the entire landscape    

      design proposal.
f.   Removal of four Cedars and Sequoia and Acacia

     and trimming Oak trees:$20,000. 

(Dimension:  8" H x 9" W)

Item #5:  

Disclaimer: Our amended corporation business entity

Bay Area Diversified Tennis Foundation which were diverged from the two former business entities Hercules Parks-N-Community Tennis Foundation and Hercules Community Tennis Foundation is registered at the IRS and California Secretary of State under the same tax IDs.


REVOKED THE IRREVOCABLE: The "irrevocable" dissolution clause of the Article of Incorporation, dated July 18, 2013, was later revoked by the IRS Tax Exemption Document Examiner, and an amended document was filed to reflect the changes on Dec 31, 2013 prior to issuing the Determination Letter, dated Feb 10, 2014.


On July 07, 2014, the article was amended to expand our services for Community Facility Renovation and Preservation Purposes to the SF Bay Area as part of the Economic Development Project.--This was confirmed by the IRS with the Determination Letter, dated Sept 23, 2014.

And the former business entities and logos and trademarks and Workshop Minutes/Agendas are copyrighted at the Copyright Office of the Library Congress in 2013-2016, and the entity names are now reserved at the Secretary of State office.

(Any informations and documents pertaining to this nonprofit are privileged and are prohibited from copying, disseminating, or transferring.)  

Copyright © 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, Pil Lee Orbison.  All rights reserved.

         Shakhzod Takhirov, PhD, PE

Manager, UC Berkeley Structural & Environmental Engineering Structures Lab,  
• Strong theoretical background and expertise in solid mechanics and earthquake engineering:
• Extensive knowledge and expertise in experimental earthquake engineering:
- Seismic evaluation of existing buildings
--Partnered with this corporation, Dr. Takhirov will coordinate the design and engineering work with geotechnical team from UC Berkeley on earthquake and landslide issues for municipal and commercial buildings.

He will also showcase his Laser Scan and Structures Laboratory for internships program.

(Web: http://peera.berkeley.edu/~takhirov/

Option with this picture for other products.

Mailing address for both Hercules and Berkeley branches:    1791 Solano Ave, D06, Berkeley, Ca 94707                                                                                         Email:  OrbisonTennisFoundation@gmail.com                          Ph:  (510) 612-3962;      Fax:  (510) 275-3533

        : Info@BayAreaDiversifiedTennisFoundation.org

        : Info@HerculesCommunityTennisFoundation.org

This website is updated on September 11, 2018.


Nonprofit Tax Law and guidelines:  

  • We accept bequests, devises, transfers, and name endowment fund under the Section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code
  • Public contributions/our incomes from fee charge to the public for our coach sessions and tennis court rental fees ​                                   ​                              are thus tax deductible under the Section 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi) under the Tax Exemption Section 501 ( c )3, and it is effective as of July 18, 2013.
  • Programs for Juniors under 18 are tax exempted under Section 501( c )3, per IRS.
  • Conflict of Interest policy applies.*

                           * Note:  Tax law governing Nonprofit Code prohibits private firms from being advertised on any nonprofit  

                                         corporation websites.  

  • Listed names are independent contractors to provide services for the public benefit purpose and are compensated 

         per diem basis under a corporate agreement, and their business websites and contact informations are 
         omitted from this website, per the nonprofit conflict of interest policy.

  • Volunteers in nonprofit code are paid on a per diem basis, per approval of the Board.  
  • Chief Executive Officer/President is paid based on the Tax Exemption Form 1023 Application approved by the IRS.




DE VERA, City Council Member IN 2017 and Mayor in 2014)  

                   Pil Lee Orbison

President/Founder/CEOGrant Writer


  • US Tennis Association (1995-), both individual and organizational memberships/USTA
  • Parks and Recreation Category. 
  • former Tennis Captain, 2005 & 2007
  • BAHA (Berkeley  Architectural Heritage Association)
  • Classical musician (singer, cello/piano player)
  • yacht skipper and golfer

Real Estate Developer/Equity Builder and was  recognized by the National Register's

Who's Who in the category of Real Estate Development and Interior Designing. (Credit/site architect:  Michael Moyer, AIA, Mill Valley)

  • UC Berkeley, Alum-Music Major,       

          Electives: Business Law and Sports 

          Medicine (PE Dept).

My roles:  As CEO of an economic development project, I retain independent architectural, engineering and construction companies for the proposed project ("CAGE"), and fulfill all aspects of administrative duties, including tax return and filing government documents at the IRS, Secretary of State, and Attorney General's Office as a Charitable Trust.  

As a grant writer, I write matching grants, both locally and nationally, and solicit funds from the public and promote fundraising activities, per IRS and State nonprofit tax codes. 

in the State of California."  And its Certificate of Status issued by Secretary of State is in good standing as of JUN 22, 2017

Save the Tennis Courts!

​Save the Amphitheatre!

     Bay Area Diversified Tennis Foundation, dba, Bay Area Diversified Tennis Foundation, c. July 18, 2013, was amended from the previous business entity Hercules Parks-N-Community Tennis Foundation, dba, Hercules Community Tennis Foundation, and filed under the same TAX ID and Exemption Codes assigned by IRS.
     All documents and logos and trademarks pertaining to these business entities are protected by copyright law and recorded at the Library of Congress.
Our Mission:  Nonprofit public benefit corporation under the Section 501( c )3 to improve commercial and government facilities safe and self-sustainable and to raise funds with contracts and matching grants, but not limited to the tennis courts in the City of Hercules.  
This corporation is authorized to exercise all rights, authorities, privileges in the State of California and has a good standing status as of June 22, 2017, per the Secretary of State.
Registered as a Charitable Foundation with the Attorney General's Registry of Charitable Trusts on April 17, 2014.     
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    Programs and locations: TBA
    1.  12-And-Under: $250 for 3-month     
    drop-In $20. (Sat 10-11:30 AM , Group/10-12.
​​    2.  Juniors, 18 and Under: school season,      
        summer camp, $250, for  3 Months. 
​       Drop-In: $20, Sat 12-2-Group of 10-12    
   3.  Special Needs Students: Nonprofit-  
        sponsored.  (During the School    

  4.  Upcoming Calendar of Events/Location.--TBA   

   ​    Kids Under 12 PLAYDAY: 10-11:30 AM, $20 per  


   5.  Junior Under 18 PLAYDAY, 12-2 PM. Play with Pro 

​​​​​​​​​​Presentation: Pil Lee Orbison and Paul Ferro, AIA.

(Conceptual Design and Rendering in 3D):

Who:  Parks, Rec, Waterfront Dept.

Date/Time: Oct 8, 2014 at 7PM.

Where: Frances Albrier, 

      2800 Park Street, Berkeley, CA

Topics:  Nonprofit Economic    

               Development and

               Community Tennis.

Project: Rose Garden and Tennis    

              Courts, 1200 Euclid Ave,

              City of Berkeley.

Please feel free to contact us at 510.981-9428, or                       

  • OrbisonTennisFoundation@gmail.com
  • Info@BayAreaDiversifiedTennisFoundation.org
  • PaulFerro@BayAreaDiversifiedTennisFoundation.Org
  • MartynCollins@BayAreaDiversifiedTennisFoundation.org